Perfect machine uploads from the outset!

Optimize your valuation and part exchange process with MPO +Trade In

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Structured and optimal uploading of (trade-in) machines

With the MPO +Trade In app, upload your machines together with all data and images directly on site and in optimal data quality from the outset. For each machine category, you receive practical equipment lists that speed up and improve the uploading of machines. The optimal initial entry offers you continuous support with all machine data in every phase of your sales up to optimized transfer to the used machine exchanges.

Faster and more reliable valuation process for part exchanges

Thanks to the clean and structured uploading of machines directly on site as well as the option to also include any damage together with image documentation and special machine information in free text, you improve and speed up your valuation process. Send your respective valuation team an e-mail containing all relevant machine information at the click of a button. A central channel guarantees you the best possible, instant data transfer. Valuate your machines quickly and reliably with no delays or scattering loss.

Practical offline functionality

You can easily upload your machines from any farm or field. As soon as you are back online, your machines are synchronized at the click of a button and are immediately available for you and team. With no media disruptions and without delay.

Use the "Trade In" app to upload and valuate your discontinued machines – quickly and directly on site

The MPO +Trade In app offers the following additional features:

Structured and optimal uploading of (trade-in) machines

Faster and more reliable valuation process for part exchanges

Practical offline functionality

With MPO +Trade In you are flexible and fast

Reduced losses in purchasing = greater sales success!

Maximum success in sales of trade-in machines

Initial data entry is critical for your sales success. The greatest losses in trading used agricultural machinery arise during the valuation and part exchanges. With MPO +Trade In, you eliminate this problem once and for all! The app guides you through the uploading of machines in a standardized and professional manner directly on site. For a smooth process with no unnecessary and costly data losses.

Truly high-quality data from start to finish

Thanks to the professional, digital uploading of machines directly on the customer's premises, you enter your data once and optimized on a central channel. You thus guarantee a seamless data flow from initial entry via the valuation process to online marketing with ideal data quality from start to finish!

Less office work = greater speed

Thanks to the standardized digital process via a central channel, you avoid duplicate data entries, unnecessary waiting times, and error-prone media disruptions. Benefit from considerably reduced office work and greater speed!

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